BESON AUTOMOTIVE; Since it adopts as a target principle to carry out the necessary actions to ensure the occupational health and safety of its employees and to have the necessary tools to ensure these processes, it approaches the Occupational Health and Safety by believing in the "safety first" principle. In order for this principle to be implemented, all employees will strictly abide by the rules regarding occupational health and safety in their work. Because no job is so urgent and important that it endanger the life safety and health of our employees.


BESON AUTOMOTIVE; undertakes to comply with all Occupational Health and Safety legislation in force in our country or in the countries where it works, international agreements (laws, decree laws, statutes and regulations), contracts and specifications it has signed.


BESON AUTOMOTIVE; It accepts as an indispensable priority target to minimize the accidents that may occur by preventing the possibility of accident at the source during its activities and to make efforts to prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases.


BESON AUTOMOTIVE; It will make continuous improvement by continuing its work in all processes in OHS activities, thus minimizing the dangers.