Our Quality Policy


  • Based on the needs and expectations of the relevant party (Internal/External Context) and customer satisfaction, to identify changing demands in a timely manner, to respond quickly to demands, to realize and deliver projects on time, to offer quality products/services and competitive prices,
  • To follow and use high technology effectively in order to maintain customer satisfaction,
  • To adopt the understanding that all personnel are responsible for quality and therefore to place quality awareness in all personnel, to provide training that will improve their knowledge and skills, to encourage harmony and creativity,
  • To ensure the happiness and motivation of the staff,
  • Adopting the understanding of continuous improvement of the system through the evaluation of measurable, Quality Objectives based on the performance indicators of the processes defined in the system,
  • To comply with national and international standards,

is our quality policy.

In this direction, we, as BESON OTOMOTİV, undertake to set our Quality Targets, to constantly review our targets and to disseminate this policy among all our employees.